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Heart-shaped uterus club

During the emergency scan of our first pregnancy I was told that I had a retroverted uterus which means the uterus is tipped backwards so that it aims towards your bum instead of forward towards your tummy. Not particularly unusual, and no cause for concern.

But the ultrasound after our third miscarriage showed I'd been misdiagnosed. It wasn't retroverted, it was heart-shaped. Don't ask me how they got it wrong as I have no idea.

The technical term for this shape is bicornuate as there are two spaces instead of one. I always say heart-shape though, because it's much cuter.

I find all this stuff fascinating. Before we started trying for a baby I didn't even really know what my uterus was or how it worked, let alone the shape of it. I know about every nook and cranny of it now.

We've seen various doctors, I've had an MRI and been scanned various times and we've been told various things about what this means in terms of miscarriage and fertility. Ultimately, there's no reason I couldn't go on to have a normal, healthy pregnancy, and the shape is unlikely to be the cause of our miscarriages.

Obviously, there's less space for the baby to grow, so there's a good chance I wouldn't be able to carry to full term, and that I would require a C-Section. There's actually an increased risk of late miscarriage due to space restrictions, but I'm not going to think about that at the moment.

Before we started our treatment plan for our first round of IVF I was scanned (again) and although I have a 'unique anatomy' according to the consultants, they are happy to go ahead. One of the big advantages of using IVF is that we have complete control over where the embryo will be placed. They can test to see which side of my uterus has the thickest lining, and all round best conditions to pop the little one in.

Uteruses (I'm not sure if that's the plural but I'm going with it) come in all sorts of shapes, and if you'd like to know more I would highly recommend checking out Duvet Days who create intricate and beautiful illustrations of the anatomy. They're incredible, and very informative.


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